Knox Mills Cemetery, Brantwood, Wisconsin

Brantwood was one of the largest Finnish communities in the state of Wisconsin in the early 1900’s.
Advertisements of great deals on land purchases and an abundance of forests to be logged enticed many
Finnish immigrants to this new Finnish colony originally called Uusi Savo located in north-central Wisconsin.
Although many of the grave markers were vandalized over the years and are now missing, the
list of names of those buried there is intact along with a few grave markers.The cemetery is
located in Section 21; Township/Tier: 35 N Range 3 E which is 3 ¾ miles south of US Highway 8
at the corner of West Knox Road and Knox Mills Road in Price County.The transcriptions were
completed by the Price County Genealogical Society and Marcella Braski / Brantwood Historical Society.
Pictures were taken by Tami (nee Erickson) Lorbecke on 23 August 2005.

Photo Given Names Family Name Text Date of Birth Date of Death
  Edward A Weken age 24 yrs, 6 mo   1899-5-15
  Halver Owen Berkow Son of Elsie Berkow, infant (Berkows from W Norway). Elsie is daughter of Oliver. 1898-4 1898-4
    Christensen Adult male. Charlotte Shelling's father or Grandfather (Minnie’s husband?)    
    Emmerson Mrs    
    Emmerson Infant son of Mrs.    
    Erickson Mr.    
  Eric Erickson Vol 9, p 616; Cause of death: cancer 1905-2-24 1927-3-27
  Charles F.  Hallstrand Jim Hanson's grandfather 1839-4-10 1906-4-9
  Britta Hallstrand     1905-4-3
  Carl Hallstrand Son of Chas and Britta 1905-2-22 1905-3-20
  Oline Hanson Husband: Peter; Daughter: Mary; Mother: Chris Nelson; Child: Kristina Peters  1823-12-13 1902-1-6
  Alex Jokinen Vol 11, p 142; Mrs. Lyyjuki's father. Husband of Hilda Maijanpaa 1865-5-24 1930-9-16
  Matt Lepisto   1905-2-13 1905-4-12
Picture Aulis Armas Lind Vol. 7, p 282; Son of Henry and Hilda Lind. Cause of Death: house fire. 1912-10-9 1918-4-19
Picture Henry Martin Lind Vol. 8, p 292; Son of Henry and Hilda Lind. Cause of Death: Nephritis 1920-2-26 1920-7-19
  John Lind Vol 9, p 508; Moved here 1883, built first house, father of Arthur Lind 1846-8-10 1926-2-27
  Helen Lind B-9, p 290; Wife of John; Cause of Death: Cerebral Hemorrhage 1905-1-16 1924-9-18
    Lind Vol 7, p 121-122; Infant twins of Arthur Lind and Sophia (Goetzke)    
    Lind Vol 7, p 121-122; Infant twins of Arthur Lind and Sophia (Goetzke)    
  J. E.  Miles Vol. 1A, p 141; Son of James and Mary Miles 1894-5-4 1894-6-11
  James Murphy Son of Patrick Murphy 1894-1-22 1894-1-23
  Genevieve Murphy Daughter of Patrick Murphy 1894-1-22 1894-1-23
  Lewis Newgrun f. Muns; M Sohester. Cause of Death: Blow to head from limb. 1866-10 1887-1-19
  Robert Rassmussen First husband of Minnie Christensen    
  Anni Saari Stillborn son of frank and Laina Saari 1905-4-9 1905-4-9
  J. L. Sandquist Mable Niskanen’s grandfather 1905-1-7 1905-3-20
    Sandwick Infant    
  Helena Swenson Mrs.    
Picture Edward A. Weken Jewels death (?) 1905-2-16 1905-3-13
    Unknown Adult male – Homeless    
    Unknown Adult Female - Finnish