St. Stanislaus (Catholic) Cemetery, Waters Township, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

The information for the cemetery was collected and compiled by Lewella Parker, H.B.A. (Geography) in May 2000. This data was used for an undergraduate thesis as well as a book, which was prepared for the Finnish Canadian Historical Society, Sudbury entitled "Finnish Genealogy: Volume I". Mr. Arnold Niemiaho was a volunteer for the study and is also the contact person for the Finnish Canadian Historical Society. A copy of the obituary of the deceased may be obtained from:
Lewella Parker
Arnold Niemiaho


Surname Maiden Name Given Name

Date of Birth

Date of Death

Kenttala   Rhea



Lampi   Lendelle (Len) 1941 1990  
Larocque   Sirkka (Sally) 1924 Aug 20, 1984  
Pakkala   June Francis   Nov 6, 1998  
Pakkala   Donald   Aug 18, 1998